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API RP 7C-11F (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 5 Chg: W/ REAF Date: April 2008
Active, Most Current
Additional Comments: G03505
Page Count:25
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The purpose of this recommended practice for installation, maintenance, and operation of internal-combustion engines is threefold, viz.:

a. To present information of a general nature pertaining to their installation and to emphasize installation recommendations for specific types of service, observation of which is often overlooked.

b. To present maintenance check-off lists for daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of such engines.

c. To present trouble-shooting recommendations with which the causes of most common engine troubles can be determined. This publication does not purport to be a detailed instruction manual; and, in cases where additional information is required on a particular piece of equipment, the manufacturer should be consulted.

To present (see Appendix A) recommendations for minimizing potential fires andor explosions.

The information presented under installation and maintenance has been classified as:

a. Applicable generally to all types of internal-combustion engines in all types of service.

b. Particularly applicable to engines in drilling or semi-portable plant service.

Particularly applicable to engines in oil-well pumping, oil-pump, or similar service where the engines may or may not be under daily observation. Both multiple-cylinder and single- or two-cylinder engines are considered in the latter category.

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