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DIN 50018 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 13    Chg:    Date: 05/00/13   Abbreviations Definitions
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Additional Comments:ENGLISH
Published By:Deutsches Institut fur Normung E.V. (DIN)
Page Count:7
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This standard specifies the general conditions and procedures for the testing of test specimens in condensation atmospheres in the presence of sulfur oxide — and specifically for sulfur dioxide concentrations that are not included in DIN EN ISO 6988:1997-03 — and which are required to be complied with to ensure that the results of tests carried out in different laboratories are reproducible. If a particular concentration has not been specified, testing is to comply with DIN 50018 — AHT 1,0 S. It is advisable to test only same-type anti-corrosion systems at the same time in any one apparatus, as interactions between test specimens of different systems cannot be excluded.

If more than one anti-corrosion system is tested on more than one test material, it needs to be taken into account that the effect of sulfur dioxide on the test specimens might vary.

The shape and preparation of test specimens, the duration of the test and the assessment of the test results are not covered in this standard. For information regarding these, the relevant standards and regulations shall be consulted or shall be agreed on a case-to-case basis. For the purpose of these tests, the specifications of DIN 50905-1 to DIN 50905-3 in particular shall be complied with. Further information is given in the Introduction to DIN EN ISO 6988:1997-03.

The tests described in this standard serve to assess the effectiveness of anti-corrosion systems and to quickly diagnose corrosion defects.

The tests described here are assigned to the category ‘accelerated corrosion tests' as in DIN EN ISO 8044.

Unless the anti-corrosion systems applied are similar to one another, it may be difficult to compare their effectiveness under service conditions. This is due to the fact that corrosive test conditions may differ considerably from those occurring in service, thus inducing corrosion to take different routes and to employ different mechanisms.
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