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DEF STAN-59-41 P3 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: I5    Chg: W    Date: 10/00/95   Abbreviations Definitions
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Additional Comments:CANC S/S BY DEF STAN 59-41: PT3: SEC3
Published By:MODUK - British Defense Standards (MODUK)
Page Count:46
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This Part of the Defence Standard describes the preferred techniques to be used for the measurement of the electromagnetic compatibility characteristics of electrical and electronic equipment to be procured by the Ministry of Defence. Although EMC measurements are usually specified  in terms of absolute units, precise measurement is often difficult, the result depending on the method used. In the interests of reproducibility, therefore, the preferred methods should be used. However, alternative measurement techniques to those described in this Standard may be permitted by the Procuring Authority, only if their equivalence to those in the Standard has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of that Authority. Any deviations from the practices laid down in this Standard shall be recorded 'and included with the test results.

The tests are grouped under headings relating to conducted emission and susceptibility, radiated emission and susceptibility, and miscellaneous characteristics. In some equipment applications additional tests may be required and it is the responsibility of the Procuring Authority to ensure that such tests are specified in the Test Plan.

The tests described are not intended to be regarded as production tests, although they may in certain circumstances be suitable for this purpose.
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