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ISO 281 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 2ND Chg: Date: February 15, 2007
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This International Standard specifies methods of calculating the basic dynamic load rating of rolling bearings within the size ranges shown in the relevant IS0 publications, manufactured from Contemporary, commonly used, high quality, hardened bearing steel in accordance with good manufacturing practice and basically of conventional design as regards the shape of rolling contact surfaces.

This International Standard also specifies methods of calculating the basic rating life, which is the life associated with 90 Oh reliability, with commonly used high quality material, good manufacturing quality, and with conventional operating conditions. In addition, it specifies methods of calculating adjusted rating life, in which various reliabilities, special bearing properties and specific operating conditions are taken into account by means of life adjustment factors. 

This International Standard is not applicable to designs where the rolling elements operate directly on a shaft or housing surface, unless that surface is equivalent in all respects to the bearing ring (or washer) raceway it replaces.

Double row radial bearings and double direction thrust bearings are, when referred to in this International Standard, presumed to be symmetrical.

Further limitations concerning particular types of bearings are included in the relevant clauses.

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