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UL FIRE PROTECTION (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 12 Chg: Date: 2012
Active, Most Current
Additional Comments: HARD COPY NO LONGER AVAIL
Published By:UL (UL)
Page Count:1063
IHS Standards Expert

This Directory contains the names of companies authorized to use the UL Mark on or in connection with products that have been investigated by UL and found to be in compliance with UL's requirements. These companies, as well as the manufacturers and submitters of the products, have entered into an Agreement with UL to use the UL Mark only on or in connection with products manufactured in compliance with UL's requirements. It should be noted that UL certified products of different makes or model designations are not necessarily equivalent in quality or performance.

The appearance of catalog or model numbers or other specific product designations in this Directory signifies that: (1) representative samples of these products have been submitted to UL and found to comply with the applicable requirements, and that (2) the manufacturer has been authorized to use the appropriate UL Mark on production that continues to comply with UL's requirements and is subject to UL's Follow-Up Service. Since manufacturers are not obligated to apply the UL Mark on all of their production, products that do not bear the UL Mark are not required by UL to comply with UL's requirements. Accordingly, the appearance of a company's name or a specific product designation in this Directory does not in itself ensure that products so specified or identified are subject to UL's Follow-Up Service. The manufacturer's products are not subject to UL's Follow-Up Service unless they bear the UL Mark. Only those products bearing the appropriate UL Mark and the company's name, trade name, trademark or other authorized identification should be considered as being covered by UL's Listing or Classification and Follow-Up Service. The UL Mark provides evidence of listing or labeling, which may be required by installation codes or standards.

Many of the products bearing the UL Mark incorporate components that bear the UL Recognized Component Mark . The Recognized Component Mark is applicable to components that are incomplete in construction features or limited in performance capabilities. The Recognized Component Mark does not provide evidence of listing or labeling, which may be required by installation codes or standards.

This Directory contains Listings and Classifications in effect as of January 3, 2012. Records of Listings and Classifications issued or withdrawn after this date will be found in UL's Listing Information database. In addition, Listings and Classifications issued after the effective date will be found in UL's Online Certifications Directory at www.ul.com/database and will appear in the next annual Directory.

Note: At the back of this Directory is important information about UL services for manufacturers and other clients, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and consumers.


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