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ANSI Z88.2 (Base Document)
Revision / Edition: 92 Chg: Date: 1992
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This standard sets forth accepted practices for respirator users; provides information and guidance on the proper selection, use, and care of respirators; and contains requirements for establishing and regulating respirator programs. The standard covers the use of respirators to protect persons against the inhalation of harmful air contaminants and against oxygen-deficient atmospheres in the workplace. The following are not covered by this standard:

- underwater breathing devices;

- aircraft oxygen systems;

- use of respirators under military combat conditions; and

- medical inhalators and resuscitators.


The purpose of this standard is to provide information and guidance on the proper selection and use of respirators that will help safeguard the life and health of users. This standard is written for all persons concerned with respiratory protection, but especially for those primarily responsible for establishing and administrating an acceptable respirator program. The standard contains requirements recommended for use by enforcement authorities in establishing regulations or codes on

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