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ANSI N14.6 1993 Edition, January 1, 1993
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Radioactive Materials - Special Lifting Devices for Shipping Containers Weighing 10 000 Pounds (4500 kg) or More
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This standard sets forth requirements for the design, fabrication, testing, maintenance, and quality assurance programs for special lifting devices for containers weighing 10 000 pounds (4500 kg) or more for radioactive materials, and for those features of the attachment members of the container that affect the function and safety of the lift.

In this standard, the term “special lifting devices” shall be considered to be lifting devices for radioactive material containers for which the use of simple slings or chains, with or without spreader bars, is not appropriate because of special requirements, such as the need for remote engagement or for safety considerations.

This standard shall apply to the following classes of special lifting devices:

– Those for use in making lifts with singleloadpath hoisting systems;

– Those for use in making lifts with dualloadpath hoisting systems.

This standard shall apply to special lifting devices that transmit the load from lifting attachments, which are structural parts of a container, to the hook(s) of an overhead hoisting system.

This standard shall not be applicable to pallets or other special devices that are used in conjunction with lifting platforms, articulating booms, and similar types of hoisting systems.