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NAVSUPI PUB 723 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 00    Chg:    Date: 04/19/00   Abbreviations Definitions
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Published By:US Navy (NAVY)
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The scope of this publication encompasses all Navy shore activities within the NAVSUP claimancy, as well as the Naval Shipyards under the cognizance of NAVSEA. This publication provides policies and procedures for physical inventory requirements, location audits, URB requirements, Inventory Accuracy Officer responsibilities, Supply Discrepancy Reports (to include SIT SDRs), quality control checks, special reporting requirements and NAVSEA special requirements. All these areas have a significant impact on inventory integrity. This publication is designed to provide sufficient guidance in maintaining a high level of inventory accuracy at the storage activities as well as NAVICP.

PURPOSE. Navy Inventory Integrity Procedures provide policy, procedure, and performance objectives for maintaining controls over material inventories at Navy shore activities and the accuracy of associated inventory item and financial records. The impact of inventory accuracy covers a broad spectrum ranging from readiness to DOD budget credibility. Whenever material on an accountable record cannot be found, readiness is impacted. If the accountable record is overstated, nonexistent assets are applied to requirements. The opportunity for undetected theft is also increased when accountable records do not agree with material in storage. This publication reflects recommendations and changes to streamline and simplify the physical inventory process to better employ physical inventory resources in maintaining higher levels of inventory accuracy.

The policies and procedures spelled out in this publication have been updated to encompass the most current business practices in operation within the Navy. This publication takes into consideration the partnering concept between the Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (FISCs) and other Navy shore activities; the impacts of implementing the Distribution Standard System (DSS) at Distribution Depots (DDs) collocated at the FISCs as well as some partner sites; changes to DOD inventory policies and procedures; and changes in Navy policy and procedures for tracking stock in transit.
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