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DIN EN 10027-2 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 92 Chg: Date: September 1992
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Additional Comments: ENGLISH
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This European Standard sets out a numbering system, referred to as steel numbers, for the designation of steel grades. It deals with the structure of steel numbers and the organization fortheir registration, allocation and dissemination. Such steel numbersare complementarytosteel names set out in EN 10 027-1.

Application of this European Standard is obligatory for steels specified in European Standards. Application is optional for national steels and proprietary steels.

NOTE: Although the scopeofthesystem islimitedto steel. it is structured so as to be capable of being extended to include other industrially produced materials.

Steel numbers established according to this system have a fixed number of digits (see 5).They are better suited for data processing than steel names established according to EN 10 027-1.

For steels specified in European Standards the application for allocation of steel numbers (see A.6 to A.9) is the responsibility of the ECISS Technical Committee concerned. For national steel grades, the responsibility isthat of the national competent body.

NOTE: Applications from European organizations having a specific interest in the standardization of steel and steel products (e.9. AECMA, EUROFER) are submitted via the ECISS Central Secretariat (see A.9).

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