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TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop voluntary, consensus-based industry standards for a wide variety of telecommunications products. TIA's Standards and Technology Department operates twelve engineering committees, which develop guidelines for private radio equipment,cellular towers, data terminals, satellites, telephone terminal equipment, accessibility, voice and video over the Internet protocol, structured cabling, data centers, mobile device communications, multimedia multicast, vehicular telematics, smart device communications, and smart utility mesh networks. Overall, more than 500 active participants, from telecommunications equipment manufacturers, service providers, government agencies, academic institutions, and end-users, are engaged in TIA's standards setting process.
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IHS Markit has created unique standards bundles to fit your every need related to telecommunications wiring and cabling, including Commercial Cabling, Data Centers, Components, Healthcare Facilities, Infrastructure, and more.

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TIA/ASSE Communications Tower Set TIA/ASSE Communication Tower Set

Replacing TIA-1019A, the TIA/ASSE Communication Tower Set contains the essential standards for loading, analysis, design criteria, and safety practices for communication structures. The set contains TIA-322 and ANSI/ASSE A10.48.

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