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CSA Group (CSA)

IHS Markit is your source for Canadian standards and specifications from CSA Group, available in hardcopy or PDF download.

CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit membership association dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability. CSA’s strategic focus and core service offering includes: standards development; training solutions; consumer product evaluation; and global testing & certification. CSA products and services target a range of key businesses, including: hazardous location & industrial; plumbing & construction; medical safety & technology; appliances & gas; alternative energy; lighting; and sustainability. The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide. For more information about CSA Group visit www.csagroup.org.

Featured Products and Services:

CSA Canadian Electrical Code CSA Group Canadian Electrical Code (CSA C22.1)

The Canadian Electrical Code, Part I is adopted across Canada as regulation for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. It is integrated with CSA Group electrical equipment standards (collectively known as the Canadian Electrical Code, Part II ) to ensure that electrical products evaluated in accordance with the applicable Part II standard are suitable for installation in accordance with the Rules of Part I.

IHS Markit is Your source for the Canadian Electrical Code (CSA C22.1), available in English, French and as a set consisting of the standard, handbook and pocket reference book.

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CSA B149 CSA Group Natural Gas and Propane Codes (B149)

The CSA B149 is Canada's pimary code providing valuable guidance for the safe and effective installation of related appliances and equipment. The latest edition inclides important changes to the codes' scope and definitions and they incorporate clauses consolidated from other codes. The B149 codes have been reviewed by regulatory authorities and are expected to be adopted into law in every Canadian province and territory.

IHS Markit is your source for the Canadian Natural Gas and Propane Codes, available in English and French and as a complete package.

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