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  DS - Dansk Standardiseringsrad

IHS is your source for standards and specifications from Dansk Standardiseringsrad (DS), available in hardcopy or PDF download.

Danish Standards develops and publishes standards, provides training and offers consultancy.

Danish Standards is a private independent organisation. All profits are ploughed back into the development of new activities for the benefit of society and the corporate sector.

Their primary fields of activity include:

  • Standardisation
  • Consultancy
  • Sale of standards and handbooks
  • Courses and conferences
  • Ecolabelling
  • Through their subsidiary DS Certificering A/S they offer certification.

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New from DS
DS/CEN/TS 16766
DS/EN 12050-1
DS/EN 12050-2
DS/EN 12050-3
DS/EN 12050-4
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DS Top Sellers
DS/ISO 2768-1
DS/ISO 2768-2
DS/EN ISO 13485
DS/EN 50581
DS/EN ISO 14971
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