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  MODUK - MODUK - British Defense Standards

IHS is your source for UK Ministry of Defence publications.

Includes publications issued by the UK Ministry of Defence's Directorate of Standardisation (DSTAN). This product is available as a complete collection or in the following sections:

  • MOD UK Defence Standards - Current
  • MOD UK Defence Specifications
  • MOD UK Aviation Publication and Specifications (AVP)
  • MOD UK Defence Contract Quality Assurance (DEFCON/QA)

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DEF STAN 81-125
DEF STAN 81-21
DEF STAN 81-23
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DEF STAN 59-411: PART 1
AQAP 2110
DEF STAN 59-411: PART 3
DEF STAN 59-411: PART 2
DEF STAN 59-411: PART 4
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