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Welding Research Council (WRC)

IHS Markit is your source for WRC standards and publications.

The Welding Research Council brings to bear in the solution of problems in welding and pressure vessel technology the talents of diverse science and engineering specialists. They exchange knowledge, share perspectives, and develop R R. D activities. As needed, the Council organizes and manages cooperative programs. <'p>

WRC publications - records of important progress in welding and pressure vessel research - are applications oriented and provide specific recommendations based on validated technology. Whether on fitness for service, weld crack prevention or toughness, over 475 WRC Bulletins convey the knowledge gained from diverse sources at the cost of millions of dollars.

WRC information is important in many fields including Equipment Fabricators, Engineering Companies, Electric Utilities, Petroleum and Chemical Companies, Materials Producers, Designers, Owners of Pressure Vessels, Codes and Standards Developers, Regulatory Bodies, Scientific and Technical Organizations, and Consultants.