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IHS Research Center

IHS Inc, the leading provider of worldwide technical information, offers custom research services through the IHS Research Center.

Using the industry's most comprehensive source of current and historical industry, government and military standards, our highly skilled staff of research analysts will search our databases to provide the topic or document information you need, even if what is being searched for is not in circulation.

Save hours of research time and obtain the useful and complete data you require, including a full history of utilized searches.

Ribbon and Seal Authentication

IHS now offers Ribbon and Seal Authentication for any current or historical document in our collection. The IHS Ribbon and Seal Authentication service includes a notarized affidavit that is attached to the front of the document with a ribbon and seal preserving the integrity of the document for submission in court. The fee for the IHS Ribbon and Seal Authentication is based on the number of documents notarized and is valid for hard copy orders only.

NSN/Part Number Searching

Using Haystack Gold, our exclusive Parts and Supplier Management Solution, IHS Research Analysts can create individualized reports that include: the cross-referencing of NSN and part numbers, technical characteristics, procurement history, related stock numbers, alternate part numbers, full CAGE code information and can be tailored to include many other areas of information as well.

Historical Collection

IHS has the largest collection of historical standards in the industry including: An extensive collection of historical Government & Military standards and specifications. - Industry Standards dating from 1920 to the Present. - Specializing in Industry Standards from 1950 to the present. - Historical ASME BPVC from the 1920's to the Present. With our state of the art library and standards management tools IHS ensures you have the specific versions of the standards and codes you need.


Research fees are quoted on an individual project basis.

Contact Information

You can reach an IHS Research Analyst at:

IHS Headquarters
Attn: IHS Research Center
15 Inverness Way East
Englewood  CO 80112
United States
Phone: 866-815-7904   303-397-7956
Fax: 303-397-2740
Email: global@ihs.com

Prices subject to change without notice.
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